CtrlStack: Change Intelligence for Better Observability

November 07, 2022

How CtrlStack Unifies DevOps Data, Tools, and Knowledge for Real-Time Troubleshooting

Today’s disjointed data, tools, and knowledge makes real-time troubleshooting harder. And traditional observability tools don’t provide change intelligence, leaving you guessing if a change in your data is caused by a feature flag, a configuration file change, a code deploy, a Kubernetes change or a cloud event. Oftentimes, you would need multiple tools and know different query languages to figure out what’s happening in your constantly changing cloud environment.

Why Change Intelligence Matters in DevOps

Recent data shows an overwhelming 76% of all outages can be traced back to changes in the systems’s environment, but most organizations cannot identify changes in an effective way. It’s time to connect the dots, and track changes and relationships to troubleshoot better. With change intelligence, DevOps teams can quickly answer when, where and why are changes happening. Quickly figure out who made the change, and understand the blast radius.

CtrlStack connects all your operational data, contextualizes it, and displays the information in ways that help DevOps teams identify the cause of production problems quickly. The CtrlStack platform provides the following capabilities to enhance teams’ troubleshooting experience:

  • System of record for changes – The data of what’s being done to the system is centralized and monitored.
  • Data availability – Metrics, events, and logs are accessible on-demand, when troubleshooting or debugging code.
  • Searchable – Developers can filter events (by service/error). SREs and Operations pros can filter events by source type, such as AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, PagerDuty, and more.
  • Collaboration – Data and knowledge are shareable across teams.

Download this whitepaper and learn how to:

  • Correlate changes with incidents and outages quickly
  • Speed MTTR with a real-time troubleshooting workflow
  • Proactively monitor change impact on metrics and infrastructure