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Never Answer The Same Question Twice.

Born from the strengths of CtrlStack, we've expanded our vision to solve a crucial challenge faced by organizations worldwide: the echo chamber of repeat questions and the overwhelming tide of information in chat-based communications.
The Problem

Unsolved: Fragmented DevOps data, tools, and knowledge

Troubleshooting is getting harder. Operational data isn’t just disconnected; it’s dynamic and growing as applications and infrastructure change.
Your path to better troubleshooting starts with knowing where, when, and what changes break in production.
Where we are
  • No visibility into changes in the system
  • Manually backtrack to the causes
  • Most downtime is figuring out the causes
Where we’re going
  • Detect and remediate code and config changes
  • 1-click to backtrack the paths of causes
  • Focus on what matters most with deeper context

Align teams and drive accountability

Add change impact and root cause diagnosis into your DevOps pipeline to instantly pinpoint issues, from deployment to production

Keep troubleshooting simple as you scale

Relationship mapping for real-time root cause diagnosis

How well an application performs in production is related to a combination of code, infrastructure and operations. With CtrlStack, teams never waste time making these connections manually.

Event timeline providing the connected causes of issues

Changes are the actionable causes of most incidents. The searchable and filterable event timeline tracks all system changes, allowing teams to trace forward and backward for rapid remediation.
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