DevOps Observability Platform

Confidence in cloud troubleshooting

Purpose-built to give developers and operations pros unprecedented visibility into cause and effect for solving production problems fast
Platform overview

Change impact, observability and collaboration in a one platform

Get complete visibility into failed deployments. Trace back in time to see what caused a metric change.
Get insights into what, when, and who made the change, and how it impacts operations. Collaborate across teams with shared data knowledge through a DevOps graph.
CtrlStack provides out-of-the-box features that power real-time troubleshooting

System of Record for Change Management

CtrlStack manages a wide variety of operational activities and sources of changes to reduce risks, track change impact, and find root causes of production issues fast.

Key sources of change events:

  • AWS events
  • Kubernetes events
  • Config files
  • Terraform files
  • PagerDuty events
  • SSM/Terminal commands
  • CI/CD code deploys

Data Relationship Mapping

Relationship mapping in observability is finding meaningful connections and interactions between the data – metrics, events, logs, and traces. We use a native graph database to represent this “data between the data” at speed and scale.

Change Impact Dashboard

Get an end-to-end visibility of all changes across commits, configuration files, and feature flags in one click.

Key information for action:

  • Searchable and filterable event timeline
  • Commit details + Diff
  • Impacted topology
  • Impacted metrics

Root Cause Analysis Dashboard

Capture all the context of an incident at the moment it occurs, and at any time during diagnosis and resolution, to avoid reverting each other’s changes.

Key information for investigation:

  • Searchable event timeline
  • Commit details and image
  • Impacted topology
  • Impacted metrics