About CtrlStack

Simplify cloud-scale observability

We believe there’s a better way to do observability. Our mission is to unify data, tools and knowledge to give you the fastest way to “why.”
Our Core Values

Speed. Creativity. Focus

We love to get stuff done. We do it with speed, creativity, and focus - always orienting our ideas and actions around our customer business problems and the outcomes they strive to achieve. And we strive to have fun along the way.
Company Story

Making observability better and faster for every organization

The Team

We’re a team with a passion for building greatness.

Dev Nag
Founder & CEO
Dev Nag Founder & CEO

Dev Nag is the Founder and CEO of CtrlStack. Dev was previously founder and CTO of Wavefront, a leading observability company which was acquired by VMware. He holds more than a dozen patents in machine learning, observability, and security.

Jason Goocher
Founding CS Engineer
Jason Goocher Founding CS Engineer

Jason Goocher leads the Customer Success team at CtrlStack. He has built a strong passion for customer empathy, knowledge sharing, and creating world-class team cultures throughout his 10 years in the SaaS startup space. Jason is a proud father to 3 young boys. Born and raised in Austin, TX, Jason enjoys bbq, watching football, and creating amazing memories for those around him.

Mike McMahon
Founding Engineer
Mike McMahon Founding Engineer
Mike has written code and stuff for over 15 years, starting in the 4th grade with K&R’s “The C Programming Language.” With a career spanning all facets of programming, Michael eventually found himself tucked away in DevOps for six years. This time in DevOps helped him realize it was time to join forces with other like-minded individuals and create a better tool to solve the complex problems operations teams were facing in the industry.
Vasily Vorontsov
Founding Engineer
Vasily Vorontsov Founding Engineer

Vasily is a back-end engineer and a jack of all trades at CtrlStack. With his background in DevOps and Professional Services, and experience in large-scale distributed systems and observability, Vasily became the go-to person for diagnosing difficult operational issues and identifying bugs. Vasily is an avid guitar and bass player, guitar effect builder, home improvement enthusiast, and a long-time Formula 1 fan.

GK Brar
Founding Engineer
GK Brar Founding Engineer

GK started his career in Computer Architecture, optimizing modem SoC performance at Qualcomm. This was followed by a stint at VMware optimizing data center performance using Reinforcement Learning. It was there that GK first felt the pain of DevOps; there were weeks where more time was spent orchestrating Kubernetes clusters than training the models. Alleviating this pain for other reluctant DevOps engineers like himself was a major motivation for joining CtrlStack. At CtrlStack, GK focuses on ML, specifically efforts around Natural Language driven user experiences. Outside of work, you’ll find GK nose deep in a book, playing tennis, shouting at TV as Arsenal are denied another clear penalty or enjoying a peaty single malt.

Yanislav Yankov (JJ)
Founding Engineer
Yanislav Yankov (JJ) Founding Engineer

JJ leads the Machine Learning and Automation team at CtrlStack. Previously at VMware, he led the Machine Learning team within the office of the CTO to develop VMware’s flagship ML product. Besides teaching machines how to think, JJ enjoys weight lifting and taking long walks on the beach with his wife and two dogs.

Mary Chen
Sr. Director, Product Marketing
Mary Chen Sr. Director, Product Marketing

Mary is responsible for driving the company’s overall integrated marketing strategy. Prior to CtrlStack, she held various marketing roles in the monitoring and observability market at Splunk and VMware. Outside of work, Mary enjoys swimming in open water, biking, and running. She also enjoys playing basketball with her son, and watching teenage shows with her daughter.

Investor Team

Backed by top-tier investors

Bill Coughran
Partner at Sequoia Capital
Bill Coughran Partner at Sequoia Capital

“A flawless digital experience is now the baseline for every business in order to stay competitive. Dev and the CtrlStack team have completely changed the game for developers by bringing simplicity and efficiency to the monitoring and observability process, taking out timely guesswork and leading to faster MTTR. We are excited to partner with them and watch their vision for the next generation observability stack come to life.” – Bill Coughran

Ashmeet Sidana
Partner at Engineering Capital
Ashmeet Sidana Partner at Engineering Capital

“Dev has a special technical insight which has enabled CtrlStack to take a graph-based approach to monitoring the flow of data in the enterprise, and understanding change impact across the stack as operations become more complex. This level of visibility is the first of its kind. We believe the company’s platform—and application for real-time troubleshooting—has the potential to transform the observability market.” – Ashmeet Sidana

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